Welcome to the Info page for QREziMob for Android. This information will describe the functionality found within the QREziMob application for Android, addressing the functionality screen by screen. NOTE that the screen images below do not include the advertising which you may see when using this application.


For more information on downloading and installing QREziMob for Android, click here.


Your QR's

This page lists the QR codes you have created.

To access additional functionality relating to QREziMob, select the menu button on your device. The Site List screen offers the following menu options:

  • New Item. Create a new QR!

  • About. Version details for this application.


Create a new QR

This page lets you choose what type of QR you want to create. The current options are

  1. Text
  2. Contact
  3. Email
  4. URL
  5. Phone
  6. Location


Create the content for your QR

Each type of QR will have content of a different format. Depending on which type of QR you have selected, you will see a different content editor.

The Location editor for instance looks like this. If you decide to select the desired location from a map, a map view page will open.


Select the Location from a Map

Each tap on the map will create a marker. When you exit the map function, qrezimob will use the location of your last marker as the location for your QR.


Location Set ...

When you return from the map function, the location of the last marker is used as the QR location detail


Personalise your QR

Select Personalise from the Menu option to take you to your device's Gallery, where you can select an image.



When you have selected your gallery image, it is overlayed on the QR.


Share It

When you have finished personalisation, share your QR - select the Share option from the Menu. Sharing via Gmail/Email works best.


Install QREziMob

If you have the BarcodeScanner from ZXing installed on your phone, use it to scan the QR Code to the right and then open the url in a browser on your phone. Otherwise, click the image to the right to go to the Android Market.

By the way - like the customised QR code? Try creating your own personalised QR code on the qrezimob website at http://qrezimob.appspot.com/GetQRData.action